Promethium Relay Pipes

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Promethium, the combustible fuel product used by the Imperium, doesn’t just magically appear where it’s needed - like the oil supplies of ancient Terra, it needs to be piped in to where it’s needed. This is where these Promethium Relay Pipes step in; toughened in order to withstand extreme pressure and fluid density, they double as a convenient defence point for armies under fire.

This thirty-one piece kit assembles into seven detailed miniatures, each sitting together to form a configurable piece of atmospheric scenery. A control/monitoring panel brimming with gauges and meters provides a dynamic sense to the overall feel, and a broken section of pipe conveys the violent circumstances your miniatures find themselves in - perhaps defending a Promethium plant, perhaps assaulting an enemy factory.

Like flamers? Then you’ll love the new Promethium Relay Pipes, available to pre-order now. Ideal for siphoning off volatile fuel for flame-based weaponry, they’re also pretty handy for hiding behind when the bullets start flying.

Like all our scenery kits, the Promethium Relay Pipes are covered in loads of little details including embossed Aquilas, dials, valves, lights and the occasional skull reliquary (likely belonging to an unlucky/clumsy technician). Of course, that doesn’t mean the Promethium Relay Pipes are just for Imperial collectors – far from it. The forces of Chaos are more than willing to steal from the Imperium (they like skulls, too, which is a bonus) and alien races such as the Orks will tap into a planet’s resources whether they’ve got an Aquila stamped on them or not. You can find the rules for Promethium Pipes in both Stronghold Assault and White Dwarf 63, out now.

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