Citadel Air Paint Set

Formulated to precisely match the colours in the existing Citadel Paint range, these paints are designed for use with your airbrush*. Ready-thinned and usable straight from the 12ml pot, this is a set of paints manufactured to the same exacting standard as every other range we produce – the perfect range of colours to get you started with an airbrush project!

20 paints are included:

Karak Stone

Mephiston Red


White Scar

Warboss Green

Mournfang Brown

Ushabti Bone

Averland Sunset

The Fang

Flash Gitz Yellow

Macragge Blue

Kislev Flesh


Elysian Green

Castellan Green

Troll Slayer Orange

Caliban Green

Steel Legion drab

Tau Light Ochre

Relictor Gold

*please note, this paint range is not suitable for spray guns or hand application; for appropriate paints please see our main range.

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