Mechanicum Thallax Cohort with Phased Plasma-Fusil

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Thallax are heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops created by completely replacing the major organs, nervous system and cerebrum of a human with armoured mechanical systems powered by an internal reactor core. This endows them with strength and fortitude greater even than that of a Space Marine, but at a terrible cost to those who endure this process.

Deployed as Thallax Cohorts by their Mechanicum overseers, these cold, calculating killing machines witness the devastation they unleash against human and alien alike as a raging storm of electromagnetic turmoil, blood-heat and seismic percussion. When faced with far more powerful foes, the Thallax Cohort’s standard lightning guns can be replaced with more specialised and volatile weaponry such as the phased plasma-fusil.

Thallax Cohorts may be taken as part of a Mechanicum or Legiones Astartes army in Horus Heresy games. Their rules can be found in The Horus Heresy Book 3 – Extermination.

The Thallax Cohort with Phased Plasma-fusil is a complete multi-part resin kit of three models, two armed with lightning guns and one with a phased plasma-fusil.

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