Arcadian Guard 10 Woman Squad.

This kit includes:
11 Female Arcadian Heads
1 spare helmet
10 Arcadian Female Legs Standing
10 Flak Female armor torsos
10 Canteens
20 Small Ammo Pouches
1 Female Arcadian Sergeant Sprue
10 Female Universal Rifle Arms
5 Canister grenades
10x 25mm round plastic slotta bases.

10x Weapon of your choice:
10x Sniper rifles or 10x Las Rifle Mk3 or 10x Las Rifle Mk2 or 10x Svargan Laser Rifle or 10x Auto rifle or 10x AK Auto Rifle or 10x Plasma Rifle or 10x Fusion Gun or Laser carbine x10 or Bolt Rifles x10 or Kill Team Special Weapons x10 or Rolled Sleeve Rifle arms x10 (this option replaces the Universal arms, with arms that have a rifle molded on)

Use the pull down menu to choose your weapon.

Modular Miniatures compatible with popular plastic 28mm troops and interchangeable with components in the Victoria Miniatures Range.

Hand cast in high quality resin.

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