Bugbear Ironshield – Tuskhelm

The Bugbear Ironshield, a metal clad behemoth used to protect the tunnels of the Underdeep from intruders. They are most often found in service of Hobgoblins who arm and equip the creatures but their services are also used by Goblins who pay well for their prowess in battle.

Ironshields are the largest of all Bugbears, nearly all huge males that tend to live a solitary existence. They often willingly ally themselves with Hobgoblins and Goblins, particularly when food is scarce. Although usually quite lethargic when their blood is up they are devastating combatants, with an almost unstoppable fury.

This model is the Bugbear Ironshield – Tuskhelm variant. He is armed with the Warhammer, has a Tusked Helm Head and carries a Purgatory Shield in its left hand.

The Ironshield stands 65mm to eyeline and is supplied with a 60mm round gaming base.

Made of high quality resin. This is a multi-part model that requires superglue to assemble.

Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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