The Underdeep

Underdeep is a miniature war-game where players take control of powerful Overlords and their retinues of followers from deep within the Underdeep and its environs. In Underdeep only the cunning or the strongest survive. You will need both to ensure your future in the Underdeep is secure… at least for now.

Underdeep is a fast paced action miniatures game where players take control of an Overlord and his retinue of minions, champions, brutes and titans. These words are used to describe a unit type used in the game, each of which has different uses and abilities to help you win the battles you fight. The miniatures used are 30mm in scale and available in high quality resin and white metal. This is not to say that all of the models used are this size, it is just a measure of scale and reflects the height of an average human male from the soles of his shoes to his eyes. Enormous Zombie Hulks and Bugbears for example are much bigger than humans and although they are still in the 30mm scale, they maybe 50mm tall or even taller!

It is up to you as a player to pick a faction that you like, collect the miniatures you want to fight your battles with and paint them to bring them to life!

As an Overlord you might be a Goblin Chieftain looking to expand his tribe’s holdings or to increase his status within his tribe by leading a scouting force into the enemy’s lair. You could also take the role of a Lizardkin Khan looking to steal human slaves from an isolated farmstead or even an evil Necromancer intent on forming an army of insidious zombies or flesh golems to wreak havoc on the denizens of the
Underdeep and Sunsiders alike. It doesn’t matter why. All that matters is that your minions answer the call to arms and crush the enemy!!!

One of the unique features of Underdeep is its “scale-ability”. This means it is viable to play with as many or as few miniatures as you would like. It is essentially a skirmish level war-game and most battles will utilise only 25 or 50 figures. However, the rules allow you to play with multiple Overlords each taking control of a Cadre of warriors. This means that battles with hundreds of miniatures a side is possible and is often an inspiring goal that many gamers hope to attain.
The best starting point, after choosing your faction, is to pick an Overlord. Battle parameters are decided before a game is played to define how big the forces being used will be. Most games will be around 250 points for a game that can be easily completed in an hour. Bigger games will take proportionally longer to complete. 500 points for example could take a couple of hours to complete but would allow a larger scope of creatures to be used.

There are various points levels of Overlords available and their points cost is a direct reflection of how powerful they are on the field of battle. For example, if you were to pick a Goblin Chieftain to be your Overlord for 25 points his effectiveness on the battlefield will not be as dramatic as that of the Goblin King who costs 50 points!

It is important to point out that Overlords are the most important unit in your force. Without them your force begins to fight less effectively and will lose much of its co-ordination. In some cases it can cause your army to flee field, so highly are they held in regard! However, this does not mean that you can protect your Overlord by having him hide away behind your must powerful units… Most Overlords have dramatic and potent powers that can only be accessed when in the thick of combat. That’s just the way it is down here… only the strongest survive.

Underdeep uses a randomised command and control system which means your battle plans have to be fluid and are often subject to change quickly as situations arise that you had not plan for. Tactically the game is immensely challenging. You will find the game easy to play and to learn but difficult to master. The aim of the game is to learn the best tactics to use and when, as what works against one enemy will fail against another.
So don your armour and sharpen your axe, call your troops to arms… the Underdeep awaits you warrior…"


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