Flesh Golem – Deathmask

In times of conflict or war the Necromancers and Liche Priests turn to their prized creations to inflict maximum carnage upon their foes. Flesh Golems are these creations, hulking, terrifying monsters, so hideous that their visage is hidden beneath cloth or masks.

How these creatures are formed we do not know, in fact most of the parts are very hard to identify once they have been attached to its parent form. Because they parts as whole never had true life it is impossible for the Necromantic powers raise these creatures as true undead. Instead a demon is bound to the form, giving it a body through which to cause as much carnage as possible.

This model is the Flesh Golem – Deathmask variant. He is armed with a Monster Arm and Bone-spike, has the Deathmask Head and has a Bear Pelt on its shoulders.

The Flesh Golem stands 60mm to eyeline and is supplied with a 60mm round gaming base.

Made of high quality resin. This is a multi-part model that requires superglue to assemble.

Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

The Flesh Golem is just a term used by the few that have seen such a creature and lived. The Paladin hero Gordric of Guil described one such encounter in his memoirs whilst battling the ancient Liche Priest Savos.

... the ground shook with its steps. Twice as tall as myself and immeasurably greater in bulk, it smashed aside the barricade we had thrown together and set upon destroying our forces. It was hard to tell its true shape... vaguely that of a man or a giant perhaps. Its parts were stitched and held together by wire, rivets, bolts and bone. One arm was that of giant bear or lion. It was covered in matted hair and blood, its claws like razors. It's other arms were finer, more humanoid and more numerous. I counted four in total, each wielding a cruel hacking blade that made short work of my men. I tried to engage the creature, to summon the will to fight... but my courage left me as I stared into the only eye visable to me through the remnants of an iron mask. I am sure to this day the mask was made with one thing in mind... to spare us all from the visage within....

Sir Gordric of Guil, Battle of Darkendelve 75 years before the Reckoning

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