Sherden Pharaohspears - Star Pharaohs

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Sometimes the Overpharaoh needs to simply point at a distant threat and know that it is as good as dead. Enter the Sherden Pharaohspears, the flying shock troops of the Star Pharaohs. Flying on crystaline lattices of Hexphase energy, they can drop from the sky straight on top of the enemy without them knowing that there was even a threat in the vicinity.

Though most Star Pharaohs bear the death masks of the Makers so as never to forget the faces of their hated creators who abandoned them to the perils of space, the Sherden Pharaohspears bear the distinct honor of wearing the mask of the WarDrake, one of the six divine crystalline Hexan. The WarDrake's fierce battle energy resonates with the Pharaohspears, and with every long range assault, they bring a portion of the Hexan's wrath with them.

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