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Defence monitors are unusual ships for the Scourge, as they don’t conform to their aggressive tactics. As such, they have surprisingly few of them, leading some analysts to suggest that the Scourge were never expecting mankind to rally and strike back so spectacularly.

The Shedu class is actually a fairly typical monitor, offering the usual characteristics: low speed, high armour, high firepower. It lacks the ability to engage surface targets though, armed with a rare variant of
Oculus weapon technology, designed for engaging targets in higher orbital layers.

The Lamassu is little threat to attackers from without, but rather to invaders below. They are the smallest Scourge ships to carry bulk landers and are thought of as mobile, orbital barracks. During an invasion a Lamassu can drop thousands of troops whenever called upon. In order to support its charges, the Lamassu also features limited orbital bombardment capability, allowing it to soften up any landing zone that does have defences in place. During the Battle for Earth, orbital fire and incoming reinforcements from these otherwise innocuous small ships caught some UCM generals fatally unprepared.

This set contains 3 Scourge Monitors. These small ships are slow moving, and struggle to manoeuvre, but make up for that by targeting between Low and High Orbit without penalty, and having unparalleled armour for that size of ship.

This pack makes three ships, buildable as either Shedu class Monitors or Lamassu class Barges. The Shedu is a typical Monitor, with a slow Thrust and high armour (at least by Scourge standards), it has two uses, both as an offensive craft using its Occulus Beam Crest (2 Attack, 2 Damage and Scald), and as a support ship using its Detector special rule. The Lamassu fills a very unique role, as a slow moving lander. A tiny ship equipped with Bulk Landers, it makes a great surprise for your opponents in the mid-game, as the seemingly innocuous chassis gives way to heavy landing capability.

Contains 3 resin miniatures with parts to assemble two variants, and 3 plastic Dropfleet Commander bases and flight stands.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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