Hex Map Scale Level 2 Walls Set A

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This is a set of STL files to 3D print Hex Terrain Tiles for Battletech from Catalyst Games & FASA Games. These tiles are the same size of the hexes on official Battletech battle maps. This set includes two versions of the 15 tiles:

1) Basic hex tile version.

2) Magnetic hex tile versions. These hex tiles are also designed to have 6 mm ball magnets inserted into them so they will be magnetized to neighboring hex tiles and to your game surface if it works with magnets such as a magnetic white board. I recently offered these as part of a recent Kickstarter I ran. I have received no complaints about the hex tiles from the supporters. If you wish to see the Kickstarter page you can do so here:


The Hex Tiles included in this set are:

Straight Wall
Corner Wall
Sharp Corner Wall
Three Way Wall
Wall Endcap
Tower with Straight Wall
Tower with Corner Wall
Tower with Sharp Corner Wall
Tower with 3 Way Wall
Lone Tower (No Wall)
2 Hex Straight Wall
3 Hex Straight Wall
4 Hex Straight Wall

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