The past year in the Miniset community

The year 2023 is coming to an end and we would like to sum up some results. In general, it was an interesting year, a lot was done, found and added, but we suggest moving on to specifics.

The most significant numbers of this year in our community:

  • 69.819 sets of miniatures have been added for 988 different companies
  • 398 new and old companies appeared in the database
  • 536 new collectors and active members have made 49.203 changes and additions of information to the sets

There are appeared news, show events, and articles on the site. The ability to follow only sets and news of companies interesting to the collector has been added.

Tens of thousands of lines of code were written and rewritten, some of it for the internal kitchen and much more for general access. Optimization and optimization again. With so many sets (more than 220k!), it is no longer possible to keep track of everything, so many internal bots were created to find errors, lack of information and targeting for collectors.

Our telegram channels were also actively developing. Now you can like and add to the wish list directly from posts with new sets. Our bot has been made publicly available, which can search for sets by image, which has already been used more than a thousand times and in 97% of cases all information was found by the automatic and our collectors. Together with the @paintedminis channel, we opened a telegram group to discuss painting miniatures on All The Small Things channel.

Special thanks to all our community members and collectors! After all, it is thanks to their knowledge, perseverance and love of miniatures that history is so carefully collected, gaps are filled in and everything is laid out on the shelves.

I would also like to mention Belladonna Ulanti for his invaluable contribution of information to many old lines, such as MechWarrior, BattleTech, old GW and Wizkids sets. Thanks to him, more than 4,000 sets have appeared on the site this year!

Thanks to the collectors unrealbe, Lotus Notes, Grimrok, Петр Солодков, Gabbi, Hokkaido and many others for their active participation, adding and changing sets and for ideas on improving our community site! Thanks to Eruwen for her great work on arranging sets of GW and normalizing the structure of their factions)

This is how our year of collecting stories about miniatures ends. There are a lot of interesting things ahead of us, new opportunities and features of the site are now in the active development phase. Well, most importantly, there are many new miniatures ahead of us and many interesting details about past miniatures. And we also have a website's birthday very soon, it's the first serious anniversary year ;)

Congratulations on the upcoming holidays, friends and like-minded people!

With love to the miniatures and to you,
the team

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