Damien 1427

A punishment reserved for the worst of heretics, Arco-flagellation turns them into suicidal combat unit. Although usually only used in the Ecclesiarchy's fighting units, some Inquisitors who are not afriad of collateral damage make use of them, becuase they are not what you could call a 'subtle' weapon. Sculpted by Alan Perry this boxed set contains one Damien 1427 model that requires Assembly

Damien 1427 (his true name was expunged from Imperial records) was once an itinerant peddler on the world of Siluria IV, until he was caught in a rockslide. After this disastrous event he began to hallucinate that he had visitations from the Emperor. He gathered a mob about him in the wilderness; a gang of outlaws, malcontents and mutants. Eventually he defied the will of the Cardinal of Siluria, speaking out against Governor Tyron Rex. Silurian security forces put down the rebellion and handed the iconoclast over to the Cardinal, who passed judgement of Arco-flagellation. Thus the creature coded Damien 1427 was created.

Equipment: Two implanted electro-flails; combat stimm injectors containing 'slaught, psychon, reflex and barrage (each contains enough stimms to last for 50 turns).

Special Abilities: Damien 1427's trigger word is Purgatus.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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Simeon 38X

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