Pedr ap Pedroc, Cocwocor Warrior

Cocwocorau are the larger cousins of the dynwocor, cackling, noisome beasts with a freakish manner and an ear-pearcing shriek, armed with great cleavers and improvised armour and, it has to be said, very bad breath - so bad it can even kill their enemies! Sculpted by Bob Płociennik again from the artwork by Christophe Madura and Roberto Cirillo, Pedr ap Pedroc is a great addition to any Brythoniaid host as each cocwocor can pack a huge punch alongside their debilitating Shrieker ability. Don't get too close, your ears won't last long - and you may die of fume inhalation!

This blister pack contains:

1 x Pedr ap Pedroc, Cocwocor Warrior
1 x 80mm round Darklands base

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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