Khthones Gorgórar Monstrous Infantry Starter Host

The Khthones Gorgórar Monstrous Infantry Starter Host, like almost all monstrous infantry starter hosts, contains a small Darklands host of around Encounter Host (499 silver) size, comprising a monstrous commander, a unit of monstrous infantry and a monstrous beast.

Starter Hosts are a great way to get into the dark fantasy world of Darklands for the first time, to expand your existing Darklands collection or maybe just to grab some fantastic miniatures to paint!

This boxed set contains:

1 x Polekhine Thelliatiss, Gorgórix
1 x Dawn of Khthon, Polekhine Gorgórar Unit 1x Gorgórar Champion 1x Gorgórar Banner Bearer 1x Gorgórar Herald 2x Gorgórar Warriors
1 x Storm of Khthon, Gorgóraxo Unit 1x Gorgóraxo Champion 4x Gorgóraxo Warriors
1 x Darklands: First Edition Quick Play Guide

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