Ax-Falchion-Mawdred, Battle-Drune

Built by forgotten hands in a forgotten time, Carn Dhu is yet a testament to the power and skill of the Romanii as was, for no true Brython could work stone nor live within stone walls until the earth mother Dôn was usurped by the cross. Now, Carn Dhu and the other fortresses of black granite within Kernow house the servants of Kernunnos, an irony not lost on the Kernowek, but none serve the Horned God as eagerly nor as assiduously as Mawdred. For he is the An-Kern-Drune that wears the skull and the horn, that bears the banner and the antler, that displays for all to see that Kernunnos is with the children of Kernow; and to be the An-Kern-Drune is to have power of a kind even over the war-drunes and the battle-drunes and the seer-drunes, for only Kernunnos himself could alter Mawdred's path.

This blister pack contains:

1 x Ax-Falchion-Mawdred, Battle-Drune
1 x 30mm round Darklands base

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