Cowering Fiends of Dis, Shieldwall Fiend Unit

The Cowering Fiends of Dis - fearsome humanoid demons of Infernus armed with long-hafted axes and bearing scuta produced for them by the humans of Byzantium - are a perfect addition to any host of the Infernii. Standing on 60mm bases and around 60mm tall to the eye, these guys pack a huge punch and with shields to defend themselves they are also tough to take down! Sculpted by Roberto Chaudon and Tim Prow from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski and Dan Warren, there are five warriors in the unit - the champion Kaio and banner bearer Rubal as well as Acchus, Kholko and Lucus - and there's one extra warrior that is not included in the unit, the alternate of the banner bearer, Ubul.

This boxed set contains:

1 x Kaio, Obeisant Fiend of Dis
1 x Rubal, Menial Signifer of Dis
1 x Acchus, Fiend Warrior
1 x Kolkho, Fiend Warrior
1 x Lucus, Fiend Warrior
5 x 60mm round Darklands bases

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