Roberto Chaudon

Sculptor, company owner
and just a nice person

Sculptor of 107 miniatures
Owner of the company: Roberto Chaudon Miniatures

Visual Artist. I work as a freelance professional sculptor, mainly figure subjects. I like all scales but in the last years I have gone depper in smal scales, from 28 to 200mm . These are some of the companies for which I have worked so far: Mierce Miniatures, Battlefront Miniatures, Les Ombres d'Esteren, Mike McVey, JMD, Pegaso Models, Fenryl, Knight Models, Frank Miniatures, Kabuki Models, Maelstrom Games, Gripping Beast, Joek Miniatures, Broken Toad, Deep Madness. I also work in the line of my own creations that is composed of figures and busts from my own inspiration.



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