Allan Carrasco

Sculptor, 3d modeller
and just a nice person

Sculptor of 63 miniatures
3d Modeller of 2 miniatures

I've always painted, drawn, build sceneries, sculpted, from childhood. I guess my quite lonely character give me creativity and fertilized my imagination, or maybe that's the contrary? What I do today is the logical continuity of my occupations and hobbies as a child. I'm happy with it, even if I'm still asking myself about the choice, where is the choice ? If choices exist in the common meaning...Well, I sculpt miniatures, sometimes really tinies, sometimes small ones, rarely biggers. I've painted a lot of them, drawing is a pleasure and helps me to classify my ideas and inspirations. This website shows off my works, the major part is commission work, but other sections displays my personal creations done without any commissioner demands. I've tons of idea but time is missing and it's hard to get the right balance between commissions (so paid works) necessary to ensure the daily needs and your own creative production but gainless. Sometimes this could be frustrating!

About the materials, when it is not mentioned. The recipe is quite always the same, for the miniatures I use a mix of Fimo and Sculpey Firm (grey), the green putty my models are done with for years. Both are polymer clay you have to bake to make them hard (110-130 degrees C).
I also use Milliput (standard yellow grey) an epoxy putty well known in the modelling world, it gets hard one or two hours after you've blended the two parts (50/50). Milliput has the excellent property to be really hard material and to be easily workable, drilling, sanding, cutting it etc.
Armatures are done with a steel wire, the diameter depending the size of the model, usually between 0,7mm and 1,2mm.

For any question : allangork(at)

Allan-Diego Carrasco

Location: France

Contact: allangork(at)


All information taken from opened resources like person's blogs or pages. If you are Allan Carrasco - please, contact us to change info!

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